Variery Fruit box                                   


  • A generous amount of delicious and nutritious Florida and import grown tropical and traditional raw fruits securely shipped with tracking.
  • Fruits are grown and picked expertly, all are non-gmo, and many certified organic.
  • All orders come with a color pamphlet describing about how to eat each fruit, nutritional information, and fun facts.
  •  Free shipping on this item.


Shipments on June 30th , 2020 will include a available combination from the following fruits that are currently in season:


  • Mangoes FL rare varieties Certified Organic.
  • Avocado FL Certified Organic.
  • Passion Fruits FL Certified Organic.
  • Soursop Guanabana Caribbean non-gmo.
  • Mamey FL Certified Organic.
  • Cinnamon Apple Sapodilla FL Certified Organic.
  • Pink Barbie Guava FL non-gmo.
  • Dragon Fruit Purple Haze FL non-gmo.
  • Dragon Fruit Natural Mystic Red FL non-gmo.
  • Dragon Fruit Physical Graffiti Violet non-gmo.
  • Gold Dragon Fruit Ecuador non-gmo.
  • Papaya FL Certified Organic.
  • Cacoa Fruit Ecuador non-gmo.
  • Pineapple FL exotic varieties Certified Organic.
  • Bananas exotic varieties FL Certified Organic.
  • Mangosteen Mexico non-gmo.
  • Longans FL non-gmo.
  • Rambutan Guatemala. 
  • Thai White Guava FL non-gmo.

Exotic Fruit In Season Variety Box (Free Shipping)


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