• One hand-held Blue & Orange Kangaroo Crack-a-Mac Macadamia Nut Cracker.


  • Made in Australia FOR QUALITY!). This hand-held portable cracker has been specifically designed and assembled in Australia to easily and safely crack open arguably the worlds most difficult to crack nut shell the Macadamia so that anyone can enjoy the delicious and nutritious kernel inside.


  • A Crack-a-Mac cracker has a very nice and appealing Orange and Blue Kangeroo design, and is constructed with strong durability for a long life of easy use for optimum cracking results.


  • A Free .25 lb  sample bag of our In-Shell Raw Macadamia is shipped with every cracker purchase .
  • Free Shipping!

Macadamia Crack-A-Mac Hand Held Nut Cracker

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